Priestesses and Queens of Avalon in King Arthur’s age

Author: Sarah Perini
ISBN: 9788890264535; Pag: 208
Casa Editrice ESTER | June 2014
Prezzo: € 20,00 – Collana Altra Conoscenza

Author: SARAH PERINI, graduated in Foreign Languages and Literatures at Turin University, master in history and antropology, has successively participated in master classes and seminars of anthropological topic, deepening the problem of gender (gender studies). For ten years working in the field of spirituality and in publishing houses. He completed her training through contact and learning practices proposed by researchers and spiritual teachers internationally recognized on the topics of the Sacred Feminine. She attended seminars at the Glastonbury Goddess Temple in England. Author, researcher and counselor lives and works in Turin.
She also published with Edizioni Ester: Ha pubblicato inoltre con la casa editrice Ester: Chiedi alla Terra. L’Arte della Divinazione Geomantica, Il Simbolismo Magico del Caffè. La Caffèomanzia, il rituale divinatorio e la ricerca dei simboli come esperienza conoscitiva.

The mythology of Ancient Europe and Celtic people, reveals the great importance of women role in ancient civilisations, and the respect of the masculine and feminine members of the society. In Arthurian Literature we also meet powerful women who embodies spiritual and social power, these power derives from the Great Goddess and permeate all community. Magic, prophecy, learning, inspiration, arts and crafts, social rules, medicine were domains of priestess and queens. These women were the guide of their people and they guaranteed the fertility of the Earth and the unity of population.


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