Il tempio della Dea

Il Tempio della Dea

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Cerimonia Funebre

“Goddess Temple Vision: So many of us wish to go home to Goddess when the time comes, to allow our bodies gently to return to the elements, to the beautiful green earth who gave us birth. When we die, let us go home to Her in the sunshine and rain, wind and waters. Let us become Her flowers and trees, Her deserts and oceans.
Let us return to the mystery, to Her arms and be enfolded in Her love.

We are taking back our power, reclaiming our right as Goddess people to care for our loved ones and to hope and plan for such care for ourselves as we make our own final journeys. We are taking back our power to arrange the funerals we want for ourselves, our families and friends: funerals in which our Goddess spirituality is an honoured and integral part of the ceremony. We at the Glastonbury Goddess Temple feel that it is time we provided services to help achieve a good death, a sacred experience not only for the person who is involved but their families, friends and the wider community. We’re also working towards offering a full Home Funeral service in the near future, which could enable you to prepare the body of a family member or friend with love and gentle care, while we support you in the full process.”(


Con Il Tempio della Dea di Torino è possibile organizzare, grazie all’aiuto di una Celebrante-Cerimoniera, la Cerimonia Funebre dei nostri cari e care, ed anche dei nostri cari animali;
è possibile secondo le disposizioni e limitazioni della legge italiana attuale (ordinamenti comunali),
organizzare la cerimonia presso la dimora del defunto-a,
o presso il cimitero ma esclusivamente presso il tempio crematorio,
presso altra sede scelta dai familiari è possibile effettuare solamente una cerimonia simbolica (senza feretro), pre o post sepoltura o cremazione.
La Cerimonia verrà concordata, creata e vissuta insieme alla Celebrante, grazie al suo aiuto e collaborazione potrete sentirvi accompagnate-i, in questo delicato momento di passaggio.

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Funeral Ceremonies

With the Goddess Temple of Turin and thanks to the aid of a Celebrant or Mistress of Ceremony, it is possible to organize Funeral Ceremonies for all our departed loved ones and also for our beloved pets.

According to both local and national laws and regulations on the matter, it is possible to organize the ceremony at the deceased person’s own house; in the graveyard, the ceremony can only be performed at the Crematorium Temple. It is also possible to hold the ceremony in any other location chosen by family or friends of the deceased, but in this case it will only be a symbolic ceremony as the coffin cannot be brought there; the ceremony can be held before or after inhumation or cremation.

The ceremony will be planned, arranged and experienced together with the Celebrant. Owing to her/his aid and cooperation, you will be able to feel  cared for and followed through this delicate time of passage.

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Il tempio della Dea
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